I like #2. And used to struggle with that a lot.

I have found journaling pretty helpful for that.

I have a note on my mobile which is called “Steps in the right direction”.

At the end of every day, I write down at least one beneficial thing I had done.

It could have been anything. From small things, like booking a call, to bigger activities, like publishing an article on my Substack (including one on this topic).

Pretty helpful to keep sense of progress and motivation.

Thanks for sharing about your journey.

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Love this! With regard to the second tip about celebrations, there’s something special about it being a nontangible experience. Something you enjoy, and then is gone--just like the experience of working. So you then have to get back to work again afterwards to get the next celebratory experience :)

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Thank you for your feedback Livio! I love the

After an unintentional break, I recently restarted a similar evening journaling practice where I write down 3 wins (big or small) of the day, 3 things that I'm grateful for the day and what did I love about myself today (not just for doing but also for "being") and after a few days I was suprised and amazed of just how better I felt in general. I didn't know it would be a way of celebration and rewarding that I had been missing! Pretty interesting stuff!

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