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I’m writing and posting about burnout and its related themes: stress, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and psychology, passion and purpose, well-being and mental health.

I’m offering Information, Tools and Inspiration about Burnout Awareness, Prevention and Recovery through my knowledge, first hand experience, compassion, and holistic approach to health and well-being.

My ultimate goal is to illuminate the topic of burnout, help you to become aware of it, prevent it and recover from it if you've been suffering from it.

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My story

For the last 4 years, my life has been a rollercoaster. There have been a lot of periods of high highs and low lows. Periods of well-being and good health but also periods of darkness and sickness. Periods of feeling physically, emotionally and mentally great and periods of feeling completely burnt out. Periods of hope of conquering my burnout and periods of feeling like refailling into the cycle of burnout.

I’ve been struggling with burnout for the last four years now. I burned out when I was 21. It was during my last season as a professional volleyball player and I was putting myself and my body under too much - both physically and mentally. Consequently, my body crashed and I burned out. My health broke and my world fell apart. My digestion broke down and never fully recovered. I was miserable and depleted, sometimes also quite anxious and depressed. At times I thought I was dying and that I’d never regain my health again.

But all challenges in life come with an opportunity to grow: they come with an invitation to learn about ourselves and start living differently.

At first I found my burnout as a course. I looked at my peers envying their energy, good health and well-being. In difficult times I went into victim mode and blamed the universe that it had happened to me. I also blamed myself since “I should’ve known better”. I wished that burnout would never have happened so I could be “normal”.

But later on I realised that burnout didn’t happen to me, it happened for me. It was an invitation to build a new, better me. And it still is.

My healing journey

My burnout in late 2017 put me on a years-long journey. What are the main causes behind my burnout, how to heal myself, how to regain my health and build a new, better me were the main questions and motivations behind my pursuit of understanding and conquering my condition.

It wasn’t easy to break free from the chains of burnout. It took a lot of time. A lot of trial and error. A lot of pain and suffering. I had to take small, consistent steps. But as time went on, my body slowly started healing and my health got better.

And as my health was getting better, I slowly started to realise that my burnout was a blessing. It was an opportunity for me to reinvent my life: to leave behind things that wouldn’t serve me and my purpose in life.

Topic of burnout has become a big passion and purpose in my life over the previous years. I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge from my own experience, from other people and experts in this field.

And now I want to share my knowledge with you. I’ll take you on a journey of understanding burnout, discovering how to conquer it and how to become a burnaut: a person who has travelled through the burnout, learned from it and conquered it.

Newsletter Conquering Burnout: End burnout and achieve your dream life

Conquering Burnout newsletter

We live in chaotic and strange times of our history. It’s so easy to let problems of the world and negatively affect us and get caught in the polarities of the world. But instead of fighting over and convincing people which truth is the right one, I believe we should ask ourselves what is our role in serving the world and how we can help people to navigate and find their way through these strange and sometimes quite challenging times.

When I think about what my place in this world could be and how I could positively impact the world around me, I strongly feel and believe that my contribution to the world lies in the sphere of burnout and its related themes: stress, fatigue, well-being, passion, purpose and mental health.

Writing is one of the ways that allows me to best express myself, my ideas, perspective, beliefs and knowledge that I have. It is also one of the things for which I feel the most sense of purpose and mission. Sharing and writing about my problems it’s also a bit of a therapeutic way for me and I love myself more when I’m helping others and when other people find what I’m doing useful.

So you could say my motives are partly selfish but I believe is nothing to be ashamed of: as Aubrey Marcus writes in his course Go For Your Win: “If the ‘why’ is fuel, we need all the fuel we can get.”

In this newsletter I’ll be writing about:

  • Everything I know about burnout: what burnout is, truths and misconceptions about burnout, symptoms and reasons why it occurs, how to deal with it, how to conquer it, …

  • My journey of conquering burnout: my story, where I am currently, where I want to go, and my journey along the way, what I’ve learned until now, what helped me, what didn’t, where I’m struggling the most, new experiments I’m about to try that will help me with my goal.

  • The four health pillars of health that affect and cause burnout: the body, the lifestyle, the mind and the soul

  • Other themes related to burnout: stress, fatigue, fitness and well-being, passion and purpose, mental health, …

  • How to find and identify the root causes of your burnout, how to fix them and how to further optimize your well-being.

What you’ll get out of following this newsletter?

  • You’ll gain knowledge about burnout

  • You’ll gain knowledge on how the four major pillars of life - the body, the lifestyle, the mind and the soul - can affect and cause burnout and how to improve them

  • You’ll gain knowledge on how to find and identify the root causes of your burnout and how to fix them

  • You’ll be able to conquer and overcome burnout and built a new, better version of you

So my ultimate goal with this publication is to help you conquer the burnout and achieve your dream life. I’ll be offering value and information through my knowledge, understanding and first hand experience, drive and passion, compassion, and a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Who is this newsletter for?

  • For those who have experienced burnout and are suffering from it.

  • For those who are dealing with stress, fatigue and exhaustion,

  • For those who are feeling overwhelmed, lost, without passion and meaning in life,

  • For those who are dealing with anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

  • For those who are just interested and curious about the topic of burnout.

The structure:

  • Publication with new articles about burnout every week

  • Weekly newsletter about new articles and my personal insights into burnout: how I’m managing my burnout, what I’m currently struggling with and my new revelations and discoveries about burnout.

I’m excited to start sharing my knowledge about burnout with you.

If you’re dealing with any of the issues described above and you feel a small voice inside of you that is telling you there’s more to your life than the place you’re currently in and the condition you’re currently dealing with, know that you’re not alone.

Join me along the journey of overcoming and conquering burnout!

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My name is Jani Konjedic. I'm a health enthusiast and blogger interested in everythings related to wellness and well-being. My main focus is on the topic of burnout: burnout awareness, prevention and treatment.